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Linyi City Karl Company
Linyi City Karl Marks Garments Co., Ltd (the Yinan Marks Garments Factory in 1995) was established in 2001 and changed into Yinan Guangyuan Marks Garments Co., Ltd in 2004. The foreign trade garment factory, quilting export factory, the washed garment factory,  and shirt factory together merged into Yinan Guangyuan Marks Garments Co., Ltd. The leading products were marks garments and shirts. In 2007, our company obtained IS09001: 2000 standard system certification from International Quality Management System and developed into an international company in 2008. In April, 2008, approved by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and Ministry of Commerce of China, our company obtained the right of International Labor Cooperation Dispatch. In 2011, our company restructured, canceled the right of International Labor Cooperation Dispatch, and established independent brand company "Linyi City Karl Marks Garments Co., Ltd having two major projects:
Firstly, produce marks garments and shirts, brand: KATE KAINUO.
Secondly, independently deal in imported wine business, In 2008, and 2009, we imported wine for our own entertainment, but gradually replaced by market-oriented operation.
In October 2011, we cooperated with an French company, GRANDISSIME EURL as the general agent in Shandong, China.
We deal in 11 brands of wine from Bordeaux, France. They are Château Gillet, Château Dubois Gramont, Château David Beaulieu, Château Bonnin la Fleur Blanchon, Château Les Platanes, Héritage de Mayne Lalande, Château La Lauzette, Château Bellegrave, Château Du Rocher, Clos Plince, and Château Cazauviel.
1. About us
Grandissime is specialized in producing and representing great value wines from Bordeaux .Created in 2001 by Didier Grandeau, former export director of the Promocom-Oenoalliance company from Bordeaux, Grandissime has expanded considerably since, currently employing a team of 10 multilingual and experienced professionals.
In 2008, Grandissime merged with the Vinisource company from Bergerac adding more than 150 top clients and 30 great wineries to our already rich portfolio.
2. How we work
We are very proud of our meticulous work in the selection and wine making of our wines. Our strong relationship with our producers and suppliers allows us not only to answer to any needs and to develop a unique range of wines based on quality but also to have exclusivity on many Chateaux. As a result we have a wide range of own brands, customer labels, Chateaux, Grand Cru et Grand Cru Classé. Our highly skilled marketing team is able to create a wide range of classic, innovated or modern label design and packaging.
3. Our sales & customers
Our sales represent more than 2 millions bottles a year. We export worldwide and our main markets are based in the UK (Tesco, M&S) Central Europe (France -Carrefour, Auchan) - Belgium, Holland, Germany, Swisszerland, USA, Brazil, Panama and China.

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